cromox® non-corrosive anchor chains (stainless steel/INOX)

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Ever since the 19th century, shipping has preferred to use anchor chains instead of anchor ropes, as the weight of the anchor chain, unlike that of the rope, increases the anchor's holding force on the ground. And so, even in rough seas and strong winds, the anchoring position is optimally maintained.

For this reason, the anchor chain is one of the most important, safety-relevant items on board a ship – be it a yacht, a catamaran, or a sailing boat.

In terms of material composition, high seawater resistance and resistance to pitting corrosion should thus have the highest priority. We therefore only use high-quality and selected stainless materials for our anchor chains: 1.4404, 1.4462 Duplex, or 1.4507 Superduplex. All chains made of 1.4462 Duplex and/or 1.4507 Superduplex are suitable for use in both fresh water and salt water as well as at water temperatures above 30 °C.

The excellent quality of our chains has established us as one of the leading international manufacturers of non-corrosive/INOX anchor chains. A particularly noteworthy property is the high corrosion resistance of our stainless steel anchor chains, which is consistently confirmed by experienced, renowned sailors and accredited test laboratories alike.Find the anchor chain that meets your requirements (such as material, length, dimensions etc.), conditions, and prevailing ambient influences, individually matched to the anchor weight, size, and weight of your ship (see table). Ideally, the anchor chain should rest flat on the ground over a stretch of several meters, so the tension on the anchor shaft runs parallel to the ground. A longer chain will consequently be required for deep waters and stronger winds than for comparably shallow waters (see table).

For an enhanced corrosion resistance and, at the same time, a visually even more appealing anchor chain, we use the advantages of electropolishing at your individual request or offer you the option of personalizing the individual chain links with the name of your ship.

cromox® anchor chains – OUR QUALITY speaks for itself.

Invest in YOUR SAFETY. It does pay off.

Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the selection of your anchor chain.

Choose the correct cromox® Anchor Chain

Anchor weight (kg)Sail boatPower boatCatamaranChain (d/mm) 
 Gewicht (t)Länge (m)Gewicht (t)Länge (m)Gewicht (t)Länge (m)  
166,310,86,911,14,59,36 - 8 
2714,614,316,014,710,512,48 - 10 
4530,017,832,918,321,615,410 - 12 
6043,020,047,120,631,017,312 - 13 
130123,027,4135,028,289,023,714 - 16 
250400,039,2438,040,4290,033,918 - 20 

Comparison windspeed – waterdepth – anchor chain length

WindspeedWrap length  
up to 10 knots5 times the depth 
up to 35 knots7 times the depth 
over 35 knots10 times the depth 

Benefits of Electropolishing

Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process for surface treatment. It reduces the microroughness and overall surface area. Therefore dirt or product remains are much more unlikely to stick to the chain. The cleanability is improved. Electrolytic polishing is also used for deburring, buffing and passivating.

The process effects a metallurgical clean surface without defects. The material's corrosion resistance is fully exploited.

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