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Safety: our key consideration

Wherever an emphasis is placed on personal safety, special demands are always placed on product quality. The health of our children is a high priority, which is why we have made it our mission to guarantee safety.

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Stainless steel chains – chains with extremely high corrosion resistance and durability

We consider it not only our task but our duty to ensure the highest quality and safety when manufacturing stainless steel chains for playgrounds. For example, we use ring nuts with finger guards on request to protect children's little fingers.

When we manufacture the chains for climbing nets, suspension bridges, wobble bridges and chain mazes, and for individually configured articles for playgrounds, we use only high-quality stainless steels. cromox® PLAY guarantees safety in accordance with DIN EN 1176.

In order to keep our children safe and sound, our PLAY series stainless steel chains are subjected to special design safety checks. In addition, special surface treatments guarantee a clean, burr-free surface.

In addition to these safety aspects, our cromox® PLAY chains and accessories have a glossy high resistance and special corrosion resistance, as well as durability against all natural and human stress factors.

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cromox® PLAY guarantees safety in accordance with DIN EN 1176

Specialized surface treatment offers additional safety

Child and environmentally friendly

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