cromox® Anchor Chain and NAUTIC Components

Are you still polluting the oceans with zinc using galvanized anchor chain?
Save the ocean – use cromox® ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY anchor chain!

Be sustainable.
Use cromox®.

cromox® stainless steel anchor chains and stainless components for ships

electropolished, customized, unique, versatile

The outstanding quality of our stainless steel chains and components has made us one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel anchor chains and nautical accessories like stainless steel anchor connectors and shackles.

We are particularly proud of the exceptional durability of our stainless steel anchor chains, which is regularly confirmed by both experienced sailors and accredited testing laboratories.

On another note: Zinc concentrations in seawater have reached an alarmingly high level. This poses a serious threat to aquatic life as zinc produces acute toxicity. Given the fact that in the course of corrosion processes, very prevalent in and typical for galvanized anchor chains, substantial amounts of zinc are released into seawater, this destructive development is supported. With our stainless steel anchor chains, however, we actively contribute to protecting marine life by uniting the aspects of exceptional durability with our philosophy of consistent environment-friendliness and sustainability.

Find the right anchor chain and length according to the anchor weight, the size and weight of your boat, the expected wind strength and the average water depth.

Our anchor chains, anchor twisters, forerunner chains and other products in the NAUTIC range are perfect for yachts, catamarans and sailboats as well as for use in the industrial maritime sector thanks to their first-class material quality.

Watch the following video to get a glimpse into the maritime world of cromox®.

A high quality cromox® anchor chain made of special stainless steel

If you are searching for a high quality material with the best characteristics for offshore use, our anchor chains are the best solution. A cromox stainless steel chain is the optimal decision for the use on pleasure boats, commercial vessels and for mooring purposes. The combination of certified safety, highest corrosion resistance and long-lasting functionality makes it the right investment.

Choose the correct cromox® Anchor Chain

Anchor weight (kg) Sail boat Power boat Catamaran
sail / power
Chain (d/mm)
Weight (t) Length (feet)Weight (t) Length (feet)Weight (t) Length (feet)
5 1,0 17 1,1 17 0,7 14 5
8 2,0 23 2,2 24 1,4 20 6
12 3,8 30 4,2 31 2,7 26 6
16 6,3 35 6,9 36 4,5 31 6 - 8
21 10,2 41 11,2 43 7,3 36 8
27 14,6 47 16,0 48 10,5 41 8 - 10
35 21,5 52 23,5 54 15,6 45 10
45 30,0 58 32,9 60 21,6 51 10 - 12
60 43,0 66 47,1 68 31,0 58 12 - 13
80 63,0 73 69,0 75 45,4 63 13
100 85,0 80 93,0 83 61,0 70 14
130 123,0 90 135,0 93 89,0 78 14 - 16
160 174,0 100 191,0 103 125,0 86 16
200 262,0 113 287,0 116 190,0 98 18
250 400,0 129 438,0 133 290,0 111 18 - 20
300 550,0 144 600,0 149 400,0 125 20
360 760,0 164 830,0 169 550,0 142 22

Comparison windspeed – waterdepth – anchor chain length

WindspeedWrap length
up to 10 knots 5 times the depth
up to 35 knots 7 times the depth
over 35 knots 10 times the depth

Information about materials and grades

MaterialGradeBreaking force
at 8 mm chain thickness (optimum value) (kN)
AISI 316L 60 63 23,10 - 28,50 24 - 27,5
AISI 318LN Duplex 60+ 66 30,85 - 38,07 27,5 - 34,5
AISI F255 Superduplex 70+ 80 37,00 - 44,00 > 70

Benefits of Electropolishing


Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process for surface treatment. It reduces the microroughness and overall surface area. Therefore dirt or product remains are much more unlikely to stick to the chain. The cleanability is improved. Electrolytic polishing is also used for deburring, buffing and passivating.

The process effects a metallurgical clean surface without defects. The material's corrosion resistance is fully exploited.

cromox® NAUTIC catalogue

Anchor chains have been preferred to anchor ropes in shipping since the 19th century, because the anchor chain strengthens the anchor’s holding force due to its weight in contrast to the rope. In this way, the optimal position is held, even in rough seas and strong winds.

The anchor chain is therefore one of the most important safety-related items on board - whether on a yacht, catamaran, or sailing boat.

When it comes to the composition of materials, high seawater resistance and resistance to pitting therefore have to be the highest priority. We only use high-quality, carefully selected, stainless materials for our NAUTIC products: 1.4404, 1.4462 duplex and 1.4507 superduplex. Our chains made from 1.4462 duplex are suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater as well as at water temperatures above 30 °C.

The excellent quality of our chains and components has made us one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel anchor chains and nautical accessories such as stainless steel shackles. We are particularly proud of the excellent durability of our stainless anchor chain, which is continuously confirmed by both experienced sailors and accredited test laboratories.

Find the right anchor chain and length depending on the anchor weight, size and weight of your boat as well as the expected wind strength and average water depth. Ideally, the anchor chain should lie flat on the ground for several metres so that the tension on the anchor shaft runs parallel to the ground. In deep waters and stronger winds, a longer chain is required than in shallow ones. We are happy to mark your cromox® anchor chain with the name of your choice. The chain links are customized according to your specifications.

We will support you in choosing the correct new anchor chain with our many years of knowledge.

Invest in your safety – the correct anchor chain will stay with you for a lifetime.

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