cromox® Chain and Components for LIFTING

unprecedented product performance in industrial lifting

Requirements for lifting components

In LIFTING, chains are basically differentiated into chain slings and hoist chains. The difference lies in the finer tolerances of the stainless steel hoist chains specified by the standard. Among other things, these tolerances have a positive effect on smoothness, reliability and service life when used in combination with pocket wheels.

Since 2008 we have been using cromox®, the specifically developed house brand of Ketten Wälder GmbH, in order to meet our own high standards and those of our customers. From the beginning, cromox® has stood for the highest quality in all requirement areas. Only high-quality, carefully selected, stainless materials are used, which are continuously developed into new products such as load hooks or connecting shackles in our research and development department.

Depending on the area of application, different properties are required of the individual components. When using the stainless steel hoist in a cleanroom, for example in the food industry, special attention is paid to chemically clean and burr-free surfaces. This can be achieved by combining various surface treatments such as scouring and electro-polishing. When used in a pickling plant, on the other hand, the focus is on high acid resistance of all components through the processing and separate treatment of special stainless steels.

The grade and wire diameter are the most significant factors for the load-bearing capacity of a chain. Test forces (safety factors of 1; 2.5; 4) can be derived from this, and Ketten Wälder GmbH uses them to reliably test up to 160 t in its in-house laboratory, exceeding standard requirements.

From us you will get standard stainless steel chain slings with between one and four welded strands either as a modular system or as individually combinable chain slings. We can, of course, also provide custom-made products.

cromox® chain slings and their accessories are your guarantee of safety for lifting and moving of loads. Stainless steel chain slings offer genuine advantages in resistance against aggressive agents. Fully assembled they enable a wide variety of applications.

cromox® Highlights

unprecedented product performance in industrial lifting

unbeatable in harshest operating conditions

lasting and sustainable investment

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