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Chain Slings by cromox®

cromox® chain slings are one of the most trusted industrial solutions for lifting heavy goods and loads. With our corrosion-resistant sling chains made of stainless steel, we offer safe and durable slings that are highly cost-effective over their entire service life. Our sling chains are manufactured using an electric welding process and feature an outstanding surface finish and optimum resistance to environmental factors.

Chain Slings, Welded Systems

Chain Slings, Mechanically Assembled Systems with Standard Connector CGS

Chain Slings, Mechanically Assembled with Connecting Link CVG

Chain Slings, Mechanically Assembled with Shortener CVK

We are able to configure chain slings in a customized and versatile way

Chain slings are the connection between the load hook of a crane or any other lifting equipment and the load. Therefore they serve as a kind of adapter which allows to fix any kind of load optimally on the standardized hook. For this purpose they are assembled with additional components to single or multi-strand sling chains. In general it is not possible to secure the chain slings with additional safety accessories. In case of failure of the lifting accessory the load would fall inevitably. As a result of that it is essential to handle the chain slings with utmost care. That starts at the production process of the chains and the chain slings.

The process from wire to the tested chain sling

The production process of a chain sling starts with steel wire, which is bent in a bending machine to interwoven chain links forming a chain at the end. Subsequently the gap in every single link is going to be welded. To ensure safety, 100% of the welded chain will be mechanically calibrated, the force exceeding the minimum proof force M.P.F., thus the chain is completely proof loaded. In order to fulfill the purpose of every chain sling additional components are necessary. For fixing the chain sling to the load a clevis hook, a joining link with eye hook, transition link and shackle is assembled at one end of the chain. On the other end an oblong master link completes the chain sling. An identification tag with the appropriate working load limit is fitted on this master link. Only proof tested items are used for the production.

Appropriate chain slings for every purpose

Due to the fact the chain sling serves as a connection between load and load hook it has to go with the form and the load of the load. Therefore lifting different kind of loads can create different tasks. Even though it is not possible to manufacture chain slings in a universal way there are some possibilities to increase the versatility of the slings. For example individual chain slings can be mounted by means of releasable connections. In order to avoid an incorrect assembly of the individual parts which leads to a reduction of the identified and secured working load limit, special confusion proof connection links are being used. Your investment gives you greater versatility. The Ketten Wälder chain configurator automates the compilation of chain slings, being a handy tool for your everyday requests using eight parameters.

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