Pump chains made of stainless steel (inox) –
corrosion-resistant and durable

Our cromox® pump lifting chains made of high-quality stainless steel and are specially designed for use in the water and wastewater industries (e.g. in sewage treatment plants, waterworks). The corrosion-resistant pump chains are used for lifting and lowering (submersible) pumps and aeration equipment in corresponding shafts.

Stainless steel pump chains – individually manufactured for your application

For gradual lowering or lifting, our stainless pump lifting chains made of high-strength stainless steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L) or 1.4462 Duplex (AISI 318LN Duplex) have enlarged oversized links at the beginning of the chain, at one meter intervals and at the end of the chain. They comply with Grade 60, are welded, equipped with load capacity tag and stamped with manufacturer's mark, traceability code and grade.

The standard length of the chain segments is equal to 1,000 mm (basic part as well as attachment part). In addition, we can create different designs for you on request: in this case, the lengths of the chains and sizes of the suspension and transition links, the number of chain segments as well as the end fittings are designed specifically for your application.

  • blasted for even higher corrosion resistance
  • quality assurance through testing in our own Lloyd's Register-certified laboratory
  • cost-efficient maintenance
  • low replacement rate
High-precision pump lifting chain
Center section of a pump chain with connecting link
End connection of the pump lifting chain
High-precision pump lifting chain
Center section of a pump chain with connecting link
End connection of the pump lifting chain

We are a member of the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators AWRF. With more than 400 companies in 25 countries around the world, AWRF is a leading organization for sling fabricators and special rigging components manufacturers.

All our products are tested in the in-house Lloyd's Register certified testing laboratory of Ketten Wälder GmbH. According to international standards, with up to 160 tons load capacity.

Our cromox® products are produced in Germany and are international leaders in the field of stainless steel products. We ensure consistently high quality and technical solutions to the highest standards.

Individual testing ensures performance, economic efficiency and longevity of the pumping system

Stainless steel pump chain testing is an important process to ensure that it operates efficiently and safely. During this quality inspection in our in-house Lloyd's Register-certified laboratory, each stainless steel pump chain is tested individually to evaluate its performance and reliability. The first step is to inspect the pump chain for signs of manufacturing defects or damage. This is followed by the functional test, in which the performance is checked. In the subsequent stress test, the chain is subjected to normal and extreme conditions to verify durability and performance. Only after all tests have been evaluated is the pump chain made from stainless steel, also called inox steel (from French "inoxydable", in English "inoxydable" or "non-corrosive"), approved for use. The entire process, from design and manufacturing to product testing, takes place at Ketten Wälder GmbH in Germany.

Pump lifting chains as special designs for individual requirements

A pump system is a special and usually individual design: it usually includes a number of pumps and pump chains arranged in a different sequence. Each pump increases the pressure of the liquid so that it can be transported over a greater distance. Depending on the requirements, these systems can consist of different types of pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, piston pumps or diaphragm pumps.

The design of a pumping system requires a thorough knowledge of the specific requirements of the project. This includes an accurate assessment of the required flow rate and pressure, as well as consideration of factors such as the type of fluid, environmental conditions, and available resources.

Contact us: we will advise, design, engineer and manufacture your customized stainless steel pump chain, depending on the application - for example, for use under extreme temperatures, in hazardous liquids or in hard-to-reach areas.


What are pump chains?

Pump chains are special chains used to raise and lower (submersible) pumps in shafts in the water and wastewater industry. They act as a link between the submersible pump and the lifting equipment. To perform the lifting operation efficiently, the pump chains must have oversized links at regular intervals, such as every 1,000 mm. This allows the chain to be attached to an appropriate anchorage above the sump at each stage during the lifting operation.

For larger and heavier pumps, or when a change in pump position is required, two-strand pump chains are also used. This variant is constructed in the same way at the top as the single-strand version, but the chain ends at the bottom in two strands, each of which is connected to the pump. The end fittings can include hooks with safety catches, shackles or oversized links, depending on the requirements of the particular pump.

Like other sling chains, pump chains are manufactured in various grades. A higher grade allows for a smaller chain with the same load capacity. Since submersible pumps and thus also the associated pump chains are used in various liquids, high requirements must be met in terms of corrosion resistance and hygiene. For this reason, pump chains are increasingly being made of stainless steel, as they offer a longer service life.

Where are pump chains used?

Pump chains find their application in various fields, mainly where submersible pumps are needed to lift and lower loads. One of the main areas where pump chains are used is in the water and wastewater industry: in sewage treatment plants, wastewater systems and water treatment plants, pump chains are used to move submersible pumps in manholes and pump water or wastewater.

Their use depends on the specific requirements and conditions of each application. Since submersible pumps are a reliable and efficient method of lifting and lowering liquids, pump chains are of great importance in many industries.

What are the advantages of stainless steel pump chains?

Stainless steel pump chains have many advantages:

  1. Corrosion resistance: high quality stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance. This means that these pump chains will not rust or corrode when used in humid or other critical environments.
  2. Durability: due to their sturdy construction and high quality, stainless steel pump chains can perform at high levels for long periods of time without breaking or wearing out.
  3. Heat resistance: stainless steel can withstand high temperatures, which means these pump chains can be used in hot environments.
  4. Hygiene: stainless steel is easy to clean and sterilize, making these pump chains ideal for applications in the food industry, hospitals, and anywhere else where cleanliness is important.
  5. Reduced maintenance: because they do not rust or corrode, stainless steel pump chains require relatively little maintenance. This can lead to long-term cost savings.
  6. Environmental friendliness: compared with other materials, stainless steel is easier to recycle and therefore more environmentally friendly.

Stainless steel pump chains – rust-resistant and extremely durable

With a cromox® stainless steel pump lifting chain (inox steel), you can be sure your equipment will perform reliably and last a long time.


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