LIFTING in cleanrooms

Particle-free, purity, safety and reliability are the essential requirements for the installment of devices in cleanrooms. LIFTING components made of stainless steel are a sustainable, long-term investment.

Stainless steel chains and corresponding components offer a wide range of uses and unparalleled product performance. Challenging conditions as well as material and time-consuming cleaning processes for the components used place high demands on the surface quality. A combination of the best corrosion resistance and excellent surface structures offer a product that is easy to clean. The resulting increase in safety and emissions reduction guarantees commercial efficiency.

Fig. 1: cromox® chain sling in cleanroom © BKL

Manufacturer of stainless steel LIFTING components for cleanrooms

cromox® products are used in a variety of sectors worldwide for a wide range of applications. The rustproof chains and components made of high-alloy stainless steel are increasingly being used in cleanrooms. The manufacturer, Ketten Wälder GmbH in Germany, has recognized the potential of stainless steel products in this area and is developing targeted cromox® solutions in cooperation with key customers.

Electropolishing for optimal surface quality

cromox US, Inc. offers components for cleanrooms with an electropolished finish. Products with this surface treatment are used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in medical technology.

The advantages of electropolishing are smooth and shiny surfaces, metallic purity, optimal cleaning performance, particle-free processing, pronounced reduction in tendency to form coatings, significantly reduced outgassing behavior, high corrosion resistance and reduced friction, resulting in less wear.

Into the future with innovation

The new cromox® catalog features stainless steel products exclusively - new products such as hoists, trolleys, various types of load hooks and chain shortening. A separate category has also been allocated for special customer-specific units.

Thanks to its innovative ideas and ongoing development, cromox US, Inc. offers the perfect components for cleanroom applications. Made in Germany.

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