High-alloy stainless LIFTING components for cleanliness and safety

The basic requirements for products used in cleanrooms are cleanliness and an absence of particles. Stainless steels are designed for this purpose and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Stainless steel chains and components have countless potential applications. Use in clean rooms and environments where an absence of particles is becoming increasingly important.

Challenging environmental conditions and material- and time-intensive cleaning processes of the components place high demands on surface quality. High levels of corrosion resistance and excellent surface structure create an ideal cleanable unit. The resulting increase in safety and emission-free operation guarantees economic efficiency.

Manufacturer for LIFTING components made of stainless steel suitable for cleanroom

cromox chainsThe cromox® product range is used worldwide in a variety of industries and a range of application areas. The stainless chains made of high-alloy stainless steel with special surfaces and high processing quality are also used in cleanrooms. We have identified the potential of stainless steel products in this area and are developing targeted solutions in collaboration with key customers.

A new product with numerous applicationscromox cch

We have now added an impressive item to our range with an innovative new product: the cromox® Chain Hoist, or cromox® Hoist, CCH for short. Probably the most important feature of the hoist in terms of cleanroom use is its extremely low particle emissions, which are guaranteed by a unique design. The exterior is made entirely of rust-free, high-quality stainless steel. The CCH also has a fully sealed brake and gear unit, which prevents particulate emissions. To round off the overall package, the standard version of the cromox® CCH is combined with a rotatable hook holder and a load hook that can be rotated under full load to ensure maximum flexibility.

Electropolishing to improve resistance

We offer key components for the cleanroom in electropolished versions. Products with this surface treatment are used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as in medical technology.

The advantages of electropolishing are smooth and shiny surfaces, metallic purity, optimum cleaning performance, no particles, significantly reduced gas emissions, high corrosion resistance as well as reduced friction and consequently less wear.

cromox chain slingSafety as top priority

Chain slings lift heavy high value goods. Ensuring safety, starting with the development of cromox® sling systems, has highest priority.

This is another indication of the crucial importance of corrosion-resistant items. For example, areas that have been damaged by pitting or rust reduce the load capacity and pose a safety risk. Electropolishing helps maximizing the corrosion resistance of the high-quality material, thereby minimizing the safety risk. We will be happy to advise you – in accordance with the requirements of your project.

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With innovation for the future

Product innovations such as safety load hooks and chain shorteners are presented in the cromox® catalogue published by Ketten Wälder GmbH, the manufacturer of the cromox® product range. A separate category has been allocated to customized designs.

With constant new developments, combined with innovative ideas and proven processes, we supply the right components for use in cleanrooms.

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